In which I attempt to sum up 5 months of life


Above: The gorgeousness of Sapa in January. I went on a trekking trip with Sapa Sisters to escape from the real world, before the delightful experience which was a 26 hour, 3 leg flight.

I actually didn’t mind the flight. I’m one of those weirdos who loves flying and airports and I was excited to be going home 🙂

Takeaways from the experience:

  1. Abu Dhabi airport has a library.
  2. Inflatable neck pillows are a gift from the angels
  3. Being able to interline luggage (on connecting flights) is a gift from the angels. But you need to pick your airlines carefully, and be prepared to turn up early for bag drop and be politely insistent with the front desk people :’)

Upon arrival in Heathrow, I should probably have been knackered. Darling parents, who had been up since obscene o’clock, probably hoped I was knackered. But I wasn’t. I ate two breakfasts (might have been three, actually), at their expense, and proceeded to give them a run down of my entire learned impressions on the TEFL industry in Vietnam.

Parenting is so rewarding.


Much grammar learning. The novelty of cold weather rapidly wore off, then just as rapidly, my nervous system remembered it was British and I got used to it again. Snowdrops came out. I passed the one month mark of landing back in the UK and wondered if Vietnam had all been a dream. I joked about my single status to my brother and sister in law — and they came back from their Valentine’s day date with a gift from Lush #pityplayforthewin


Suddenly realised I only had 2 weeks left in the country. Last few friend dates. Read my teenage diaries. Occasionally laughed, mostly felt horrified. Plotted the best way to destroy said diaries. Crocuses came out. Realised that I really don’t travel light. Ever.

Moved to Berlin. Colder than the UK. Started the CELTA course, stopped doing everything else.


Officially registered as resident in Berlin. Finished and passed CELTA. Stayed out til 4am with coursemates and had to leave the school’s accommodation the next day. Moved through three different flats and started taking German classes. Started working as a cleaner in a fetching black t-shirt.

Fun with phonemes


First visit from a UK friend. Finally moved into an apartment where I can stay for more than a month. Started teaching my first class since the CELTA course. My old colleagues/interns from Vietnam who stayed on another semester started posting pictures of goodbye parties with their classes and their next adventures…felt even more like my Vietnam had been a dream.


Here were are. Where are we? What happened?

This month, another lovely friend and my lovely parents will be visiting, the UK will be having a general election (yes, I am voting, don’t panic), and I will be turning 27 the day after the Myslexia Women’s Pamphlet Competition deadline — and I’ve sort of made myself promise to enter.

Along with doing lesson plans… wish me luck!

But I’ve decided to start blogging here again, because the lack of writing in my life has been bothering me. Writing is just something I need to do, the way some people practice yoga or do basket weaving or paragliding. I need to write to maintain a semblance of sanity so here, my blog, is where you can keep an eye on me, and tell me off if I’m not writing enough 🙂 I am drowning in German homework and job applications and all the things I need to do to legally be here…but I just need to write. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have notebooks full of scribbles but no poems that I’ve laboured on and crafted to the best they can be.

Hoping you have time for the things that keep you, you


It’s not indulgent to buy yourself flowers if they came from Aldi…
The Mother of all to do lists
50% of my tired feet
Saving on a gym membership by distributing flyers 😉



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