Recently, in Hanoi

How delightful, to be in a country where the celebration of Christmas doesn’t begin as soon as you’ve discarded your Jack’O’Lanterns from Hallowe’en!

Er, about that…

The syllabus demanded that we get our students to pour their little souls into crafting Christmas cards before taking their masterpieces off them to be judged by our esteemed employers. The winner gets a prize. Place your bets here that it’s a pen emblazoned with the company logo… Now that December has arrived, though I feel like it’s partially acceptable to start counting down to Christmas… even if it is 24°C.

I got another wedding invite. I’m not sharing it cause that’s kinda personal, but safe to say that I’m looking forward to a summer next year bookended by the weddings of two lovely, beautiful couples and I hope it’s the start of all the stupendousness they deserve. PLUS CAKE AND GRAN-DANCING!!!* THANKS GUYS!!

I wasn’t actually in Hanoi. It took a bus ride where we picked up a drum and a puking baby, but Sam, Ceri and I reached the gorgeousness of Mai Chau last weekend. Stilt houses, rice fields, much less traffic and light pollution ♡♡♡


I love watching candyfloss get made
Vietnam’s answer to the village fete. Involves dance music and beer.


Amazing view spoiled by the narcissism of a millenial


Home again, home again jiggety jig

Sooo…. that’s it. Sorry it’s not my usual essay (or maybe you’re relieved? answers on a postcard) but I’ve been having a duvet day and this was all I could muster 😉

*I mean I dance like a Gran, not actual Grans dancing, although I imagine that will happen and they will put me to shame.


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