Photos from the deep south and Milford Sound


The view from the top of Baldwin Street, apparently the steepest in the world. Most of Dunedin’s town planning was done on the other side of the world in Edinburgh, with little knowledge of local terrain.  At least, that’s what our guide told us. Having seen Edinburgh,  I expect they town planners just wanted to make it as homely as possible for the Scottish migrants.

20150316_192151 Dunedin’s train station beneath a very Scottish looking sky. This is the only Kiwi city where the pubs have patio heaters and, even with a duvet I was a little cold!


Happy sealions. Or maybe angry sealions. Hard to tell.



Poems by the sea on the Caitlins coastline.


I do love a good pun, me. Or even a bad one.



The caravan of curiosities, somehwere between Dunedin and Invercargill.


My first mirror lake 🙂 apparently, Lake Matheson (near Fox Glacier) does this too, but when I was there it was chucking it down so you couldn’t tell.

Aaand Mitre Peak, probably the most photographed geographical feature named after a hat in New Zealand.


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