Oops I did it again…

I killed my phone, except this time it was my fault. I am guilty of phone manslaughter, because apparently Sony phones are only waterproof in FRESH water. Like, duh :/

I probably should be more bothered than I am. Hopefully my lovely parents will be able to bring my camera to New Zealand but until then the main thing I miss is my alarm clock! I bought a (bright orange one) in Hoi An only to find it didn’t work. So after fortifying myself with an orange and a bizarre cheese biscuit I marched back to the shop and ACTUALLY GOT ALL 40 000 DONG BACK!!! Turns out you can be assertive without being a cow. It involves smiling and stating what you want, it’s pretty scary and probaby not worth 1.25 pounds but I just wanted to see if I could to be honest.

So, back to the phone… regrettably, my 1970’s level of technology currently means I can’t share with you pictures of the silk lanterns of Hoi An lit up at night, or the way they are doubled by their reflections in the river. I can’t show you the way the air around the mossy yellow houses feels like a small town in France where you were taken on holiday as a child — ‘same same, but different’, people here say. There’s plants dripping from the houses, both in pots and creeping up the stonework. In the daytime, motorbikes aren’t allowed in Hoi An’s ancient town and so the streets really do have an other-worldy feel. At night however, you risk being run over while you stare in awe at the beauty of the place!

Hue has also been pleasant. There’s not masses in the very centre for tourists — yesterday I went on a tour of several Nguyen Emporer’s tombs, The Citadel/Royal Palace and a Pagoda which was an architectural feast for the eyes, even though it was raining, and I missed my camera a little again then, but there will be plenty of photo opportunities in New Zealand and China I’m sure 🙂

For now I’m well, I’ve got a 14 hour(!) bus journey from Hue to Hanoi tonight and then 3 days in Halong Bay to look forward to, so I won’t be online for a while again 🙂


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