Amazing Bangkok Cyclist

I’ve not gone 100% fangirl, they actually are called Amazing Bangkok Cyclist! Their 4-hour cycling tour was included in my Bamba Experience Pass.

For non-VIPs, the tour costs 1300 THB and comprises of the wisdom of a friendly, funny guide, (ours was called Tom: “If you’re cycling on your own you’re…lost? Very good you were an A* student! If you’re cycling on your own, stay still, and keep smiling!”), bike hire, a helmet if you want one (it didn’t fit fabulously but at least were offered one, they aren’t too popular in Asia from what I’ve seen so far!), tea or coffee on arrival, cold water on arrival, market fresh jackfruit (YUM!) a wee look around a temple and a boat across the river to a jungle just outside Bangkok. (Don’t all capital cities need a rainforest neighbour? That’s definitely what Leighton Buzzard is missing methinks: palm trees and snakes).

The forest was both my favourite and and scariest part of the tour: favourite because it was so beautiful and not something I would have come across myself, scariest because we were basically cycling on a concrete jetty with barbed wire, pipes, branches and rocks and various intervals between you and the swampy water below the path either side. If you fell there, it would hurt at the very least, and possibly cause something to break, too, so of course I became convinced I was going to fall and cycled v e r y  s l o w l y and walked myself round the corners. Nevertheless it was fun, and peaceful when we stopped for fridge-cold Fanta and Cola and some pumpkin seeds. The Danish couple, Tom and I were a similar age so it felt like a bike ride with friends, but ABC take groups of all ages and abilities so if you want to see an unexpected side to Bangkok, I couldn’t recommend it enough! Maybe I have gone a bit fangirl…

If you want to see pictures of our tour and me looking increasingly wobbly and nervous, you can find them here.


One thought on “Amazing Bangkok Cyclist

  1. HI beccy, enjoyed your words but the pictures won’t appear. Had a look on Facebook but don’t see any photos of you on a bike? (enjoyed the others though – the food looks great!), Mum


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