7 days to go….

DSC_0568[1]In one week and four hours, I’ll be on an aeroplane. I will have squeezed everything humanly possible into 67 litres of backpack and I will be taking my mess to another country, although for the sake of my unsuspecting dorm-mates, I will be keeping it more contained than I do at home. Hopefully. My ticket will have been scanned and I will be listening to instructions about oxygen masks and emergency exits. One week, four hours.

Over three years ago I promised myself that I wouldn’t fly again until my trip to India and I’ve kinda kept that promise, though I have a week in Nepal first and, erm, several months of wandering afterwards. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at all nervous but all the best experiences of my life up until now have been preceded by many sleepless nights, so this should be a pretty amazing experience 😉


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